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Facebook Bans Hezbollah's Media Arm Al-Manar: US-labeled Terror Org Spreads Extremism Online

Al-Manar, the media outlet widely thought to have close ties with the militant organization Hezbollah, is facing a social media crackdown. Al-Manar was classified as a terrorist organization by the United States in 2004 and has also been banned by a number of European countries. Facebook is now the latest website to block them, stating that they do not allow content which 'incites violence'. However, the organization still has a live page on social media sites Twitter and YouTube. Google and Apple previously removed Al-Manar phone applications from their online shops but the organization is already working on ways around the bans. Al-Manar has detailed instructions on their website about how to continue using their products and anti-terror organisations are now calling on the technology industry to step up their efforts against online extremism.
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