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FSA Free Syrian Army_Crimes Against Humanity_Extermination of Alwaites minority_Mortars

This video has been released by a TV station who was routinely interviewing people in an Alawaite quarter in Homs - Syria when suddenly Mortar shells from neighboring FSA quarter hit him in the head.A practice that people in Zahra neighborhood got used to as part of announced extermination systematic holocaust against them. People in Zahra neighborhood find it quite merciful for their sons and daughters to die by a shell or a sniper against being captured by FSA where death can prove very slow n painful. Alwaites are being an announced target, where FSA made it clear that new Syria should have no "Mountain monkeys = Alwaites". FSA Free Syrian Army is accused of war crimes & crimes against humanity by the UN,HRW. Free Syrian Army's crimes against humanity including execution of captured anti-revolution civilians.
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