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Expo Pakistan 2012 Shows Off Pakistani Fashion: Designers, TDAP Rake Millions in Foreign Orders

As part of Expo Pakistan 2012 a two day fashion event featuring top Pakistani designers is taking centre stage. Expo Pakistan 2012, now in its seventh year, is an annual trade fair organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan or TDAP which showcases Pakistani export merchandise and visiting international buyers have become increasingly interested in fashion purchases. Designer Sonya Batla's collection was a particular hit with visitors: Designer Sonya Batla: "My collection today was the journey of the Sufi. It was relevant to this part of the world (as) Pakistan has a very rich Sufi tradition. Sufi is 'mystic'. So it was a journey of opulence, going down and finding yourself, finding oneness and truth, and exploring it through different mediums. The fabrics were all Pakistani. We are very good in hand woven tissue; and then we do a hand-spun silk. So it started with the opulent and ended with the simple. It was the journey of the Sufi." Models were taking their time preparing for the event which also included popular designers such as Datch and Samar Mehdi: Model Nadya Hussain : "It is always good when there is an export-oriented event of this sort, and it always promotes, whatever it is, especially in the sense of fashion. Fashion is a big way to promote - not necessarily our culture, because I wouldn't say its cultural, but I'd say it's a big way to promote the image of our country. (And, you know) there is so much talent, there are so many different kinds ...
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