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Everything Is Illuminated (2005) - Hagfilms Honest Reviews

Everything Is Illuminated is a quirky little comedy drama, starring Elijah Wood and is written and directed by the actor Liev Schreiber, his debut in the directors chair. And what an interesting accomplishment it is too. Based on the book by American - Jewish writer Jonathon Foer, we follow, urm, American Jew Jonathon Foer, played by Elijah Wood. In the movie, he proclaims to not be a writer, but a collector, who collects in small plastic bags a vast and odd number of items that relate to his family. One such item is a photo, handed to him by his grandmother on her death bed, and one which shows his grandfather stood with a mysterious woman named Augustine, who during the holocaust saved his grandfather's life. He embarks on an adventure to the Ukraine, in search of this woman. His guides on the journey are Alex, his translater and a huge fan of the american pop culture, and his anti-Semitic grandfather, who claims to be blind. The movie starts off as more comedy than drama, and is filled with laughs of peculiar awkwardness, it could almost be categorised in the same vane as Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat, with Alex's out of date knowledge of American culture, and the perculiar behaviour of all three characters, not forgetting the inclusion of the grandfathers demented border collie, or seeing eye bitch, Sammy Davis Junior Junior. All three characters venture on a deeper journey that any of them had bargained for, and one that links them ways they never expected, forcing them ...
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