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Europe Topic 3 - Society And Economy (sample) :: Exam Model Answers :: Leaving Cert Honours History

In this Video Learning Pack we will look at the following Topics from the Society and Economy section of the course -

1. Britain between the Wars including Case Study - The Jarrow March
2. Economic and Social problems - Weimar Germany, 1919 - 1933
3. Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, 1933 - 1945
4. The Soviet Alternative, Communism, 1920 - 1945

The Revision Pack will help students understand the economic and social problems of the Inter-war years. Political consequences of the economic problems will also be examined e.g. how economic problems contributed to Hitlers rise to power. Timelines are included with each topic along with explanations of the main terms and concepts.

Exam Model Answers are also examined.
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