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Eli's Story: Inspiring Future Generations

We often view holocaust survivors as having emerged from the darkness, having survived it to walk out into a world of light again. This documentary is not a film about emerging from darkness into a preexisting light, but a story about those who create and bring light into the darkest of times. When Eliezer Ayalon’s ghetto was being evacu­ated and his mother sent him away so he’d survive, she gave him a cup of honey, a symbol of the sweet life she knew he was destined to lead. This gesture signified light and hope in the darkest place of our history. Eliezer did not merely accept the cup, but has spent his adult life pouring into it, so that it may spill over into the lives of others.

This film follows this journey, and the diverse and motivated people who have been inspired by Eli to make the world a better place. Through interviews and interaction with those he has touched, this film demonstrates how everyone can find their own “cup of honey” and spill it over with light, to share that sweetness with others.

We will feature the stories of Bill & Joyce Cummings and "The Institute for World Justice", Molly Chernow & Nikki Rami and The Mishpochai Program, Neile Freidman and her book "A Cup of Honey, Dr. Shari Rogers and The Spill The Honey Project and the Reverend Dr. DeeDee M. Coleman.

The premiere is set for April 2013 as a fundraiser for Detroit Jewish Senior Life's Program for Holocaust Survivors and their Families and will then air on Detroit Public Television before going out to Public Televisions stations around the country.
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