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Election 2012 and the Jewish Vote

Issues and Ideas in Civil Debate: Economy. Israel. Iran. Leadership. Our Future. Larry Greenfield - The case for Governor Romney Rabbi Elliot Dorff - The case for President Obama David A. Lehrer - Moderator Democracy demands an educated and informed electorate. "With great privilege comes great responsibility." One of our privileges is the privilege to vote -- to express our feelings about the world through our choices - and should be entered into with care and effort. If we do not, we might well lose that privilege. Many in the world are denied the chance to choose their leaders. The only thing that denies us the chance to vote is our own actions. Jewish history and the meaningful memories of our recent past, much less our long story as a people, does and should inform our considerations. Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors has built an organization which has looked at contemporary issues in America, Israel and the world with perspective and care, precisely because we are wiser when we think about the news of day in context. Since 1980, about 30 percent of the Jewish voters can be described as swing voters. In the 2012 election Jewish concerns need to be addressed to attract the support of Jewish voters. What do Jewish voters want? How much does Israel factor in the Jewish vote? Which party represents and addresses Jewish concerns? In close presidential elections, swing voters hold the balance of power. Consequently, neither party can take the Jewish vote for granted ...
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