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Egypt Jihad Group Plans Attack on US, Israel Embassies: Intelligence Documents Leaked, Crackdown

Egyptian intelligence documents published by Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm claim that a radical jihadi group is planning attacks against the US and Israeli embassies in Cairo. The newspaper reports that a top secret letter was sent throughout Egypt's security sectors in early September warning about the militants, who were also said to be planning attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. The report comes as Egypt continues an unprecedented military campaign to crack down on extremists in the Sinai after an attack at a Egypt-Israel border station last month. It also comes a little over a year after Egyptian protesters attacked the Israeli Embassy following the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak amid the country's revolution. In one famous incident, an Egyptian man climbed to the top of the complex housing the embassy, removed the Israeli flag, and replaced it with an Egyptian one.
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