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Egypt, Israel Cooperate after Sinai Terrorist Attack Kills 16 Egyptian Border Guards

Ever since the terrorist attack that took place in Sinai on August 5th, killing 16 Egyptian border guards, Israel and Egypt, who share a border and a peace treaty, have cooperated on issues relating to security, with Israel allowing Egypt to deploy helicopters in the demilitarized Sinai Peninsula. Some question whether Egypt can handle terrorism on its own, in its fragile condition ever since the Arab spring which took place last year. But some people are encouraged by the recent cooperation between Egypt and Israel for the mutual goal of attaining security in the region. This week Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi dismissed his nation's defense minister Hussein Tantawi, along with other top military and intelligence officials, stirring much commotion and a sense of instability in the region. And while all these changes take place over there, Israel follows the developments closely from here, and waits to see what happens next. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.
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