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Egypt Actor Punches Woman, Brandishes Gun when Told He's on Israeli TV: Ayman Kandeel Anti-Semitic

Since the fall of the Mubarak regime in 2011, Egypt's increasingly influential Islamist groups have been accused of curtailing women's rights in the country and fuelling a rising tide of anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment throughout Egyptian society. These twin concerns were vividly illustrated this week by an Egyptian comedy TV show which went badly wrong - descending into anti-Semitic violence when a guest was pranked into believing he was appearing on Israeli TV. In a clip which has already gone viral on the Internet, Fomer Sharia law student and Koran teacher turned TV star Ayman Kandeel is seen responding violently to the revelation that he is on an Israeli channel. The actor smashes up the Al-Nahar TV studio and assaults the show's producer before slapping the female host so hard that she crumples to the floor. In the shocking footage, the Egyptian TV star also boasts of carrying a gun and at one point seems to threaten show producers with the weapon. However, Kandeel has since denied that he was armed during the filming of the spoof programme. The clip has already attracted tens of thousands of views online and is expected to add to concerns in Jerusalem over the increasingly open anti-Semitic tone of the public dialogue in today's Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egypt.
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