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Ed Asner as Yudel Ronder - GREAT PERFORMANCES - for The Survivor Mitzvah Project.m4v

Ed Asner reads Holocaust testimony from Lithuanian survivor, Yudel Ronder as part of The Survivor Mitzvah's Projects series "Great Performances". Filmed at The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance on April 22, 2012. Yudel Ronder was born on March 17, 1923 in a small village in Lithuania. At the start of the War, Lithuanian Nazis killed his entire family (his mother, his two invalid older brothers, his grandmother and his young sister and her two babies) and then went house-to-house killing the entire Jewish population of his shtetl. Only a teenager, Yudel escaped and became a decorated War hero in the Russian Army. But he never forgot or forgave those who murdered his family. After the War, Yudel Ronder risked his life to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of Lithuanian collaborators who were part of the "Death Squads" that murdered over 94% of Lithuanian Jews. Yudel's list is one of the most important documents of this terror that exists. Yudel is now slowly dying of cancer. He is bedridden. He has suffered two strokes and cannot afford the expensive medication and the 24/7 care he needs to live. Will you please help Yudel Ronder right now by making a donation to THE SURVIVOR MITZVAH PROJECT so that he can be cared for? Donate online at You can make a difference!
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