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Each Flavour is a Journey

"Each Flavour is a Journey" is a documentary film about Jewish food in Berlin produced by Funk Productions ( and directed by the documentary filmmaker Daniela Rusowsky, with the support of Zurückgeben, a fund to support creative projects by Jewish women in Germany( The film will portray the life stories of people from different Jewish backgrounds for whom cooking is an essential part of their Jewish way of life. It is a journey through history, cultures, and religion, giving a glimpse at life and the cultural transmission of food over time. Filmed in Berlin, this 60-minute documentary will provide an insight into Jewish life in the city. Through the preparation of food, it will show the relations that each cook establishes within a particular meal by giving it a religious, symbolic or emotional meaning that goes far beyond its taste or appearance -transforming each flavor into a wonderful journey. Director Producer: Daniela Rusowsky Camera: Óscar Pizano Editor: Dr SM Funk Music: René Verón Script advisors and translations: Michel Chinitz & JeJu Carion Post-production (audio): Manuel Marin Post-production (video): Dr SM Funk
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