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Donations for Bar Refaeli Sex Tape: 'Funny or Die' Puts Israeli Model's 'Dream' on Kickstarter

Bar Refaeli, model and actress: "Hi my name is Bar. I'm currently working as a model and actress, you know, just to pay the bills. But I need your help, to make my real dream come true. I would like to make a sex tape." Bar Refaeli, an Israeli supermodel, has starred in a video clip where she asks for money to make a sex tape making fun of the website Kickstarter which allows users to make pitches to the public to help realize their projects. The film, made by comedy website Funny or Die, shows the model asking for USD 10000 to make her li while you can see frenzied fans in the background wanting to donate money for the chance to be in the lucky guy. The clip ends with the model being trapped under a pile of money when she receives donations totaling over USD 925 million. Refaeli is attempting to launch her acting career and has previously caused controversy by starring in an ad, ending with her unconscious from the date rape drug, for Israeli company MyCheck which allows you to pay for things using your phone. The top rated model also recently played a seductress in the French-Israeli movie 'Kidon' which portrays a fictional account of the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai widely suspected to have been carried out by Mossad, Israel's intelligence service.
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