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Democrats Declare Jerusalem is Israel's Capital: Barack Obama Pushes Party Platform Change at DNC

There's been important changes at the Democratic National Convention in relation to the party's view on Israel. A vote has been held to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But it was a vote that only just passed. A vote that should have been simple. The thought was there'd be a clear majority voting yes to pass the amendment. So, no clear decision. Take two. The planned change was suddenly looking not so simple. A pause while the embarrassed Antonio Villaraigosa VIA-RAG-OSA tried to work out what to do. And then a rather awkward third vote. So the vote was passed, and the platform changed - to the sound of boos. The party and more importantly President Obama wanted to push this through. To change its platform - a core belief held by the party - to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It was their platform in 2008 - but was watered down after criticism the Democrats were too pro-Israeli. After the vote the Jewish chair of the Democratic National Committee tried to down-play it. Clarity maybe, but many delegates felt this was a crucial change. But others were less emphatic, marking the division within the party. The platform has been changed. But how much will the embarrassing vote affect Jewish trust in the Democrats? Clearly divisions exist and will continue to exist in the Democrat party over how Israel is viewed. The important thing is the officially party line. And how this vote and the strengthening of the party's position may help to win ...
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