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Quebec: With Kippahs

Montreal Gazette wrote: It’s a video that some staunch supporters of the Charter of Quebec Values don’t want you to see.

Produced with the full co-operation of the Jewish General Hospital, the video shows moving, compassionate images of health-care workers treating patients — all the while wearing the hijab, kippa and turban.

You might not notice the religious symbols at first, but as the video plays on, the camera focuses on a Muslim medical student wearing a pink hijab, an Orthodox Jewish doctor taking a man’s blood pressure and a Sikh dentist treating an elderly woman.

Ari Grunzeweig, a 32-year-old Montreal filmmaker, came up with the idea and approached the Jewish General. He shot the images over two days and released the video on the same day that the Parti Québécois government kicked off public hearings on Bill 60.

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