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Defence team wants 9-11 trial televised

Defence lawyers representing five men accused of plotting the September 11 attacks have said that the trial should be televised. Lawyers said that the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the attacks' chief mastermind and his four co-defendants, who could face the death penalty if convicted of charges including murder and terrorism, deserved to be seen by a global audience. They made their point during a pre-trial hearing, suggesting that the government seemed afraid of letting the world watch what it insists will be fair and just proceedings. Currently the trial is viewable to the general public via a closed-circuit TV system in a 200-seat auditorium in the state of Maryland. Defence lawyers are also unhappy about the prosecution's right to veto witnesses selected by the defence, and about the CIA's alleged interrogation of the accused using torture. Meanwhile victims' families gave their views on the 9-11 trial and defendants at a press conference: Alfred Acquaviva, father of 9/11 victim Paul Acquaviva: "I'm a reasonable person, but what happened to 'justice delayed is justice denied'. We're on eleven years now, where's the justice for my boy, he hasn't gotten any justice yet. My wife cries all the time, she hasn't gotten any justice yet." Gordon Haberman, father of 9/11 victim Andrea Haberman: "They're scary. I don't know how it could ever enter anyone's mind to have any sympathy for these people." Much of the criticism of the trial is the slow speed at which it is moving ...
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