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David Blaine's Electricity Stunt in New York City: Magician Electrocutes in Tesla Coil Lightning

It's not everyday someone voluntarily electrocutes themself with one million volts of electricity for a 73 hour period, but then again magician David Blaine is famous for doing the extra-ordinary. In New York City the Jewish illusionist was elevated onto a 20 foot high platform while wearing a 20 pound chain-mail suit, with a high voltage Tesla coil sitting below which creates an artificial lightning storm. Blaine then shot purple lightning arcs from his hands in time with the music. Spectator Archie Plopimio: "I think it's insane because they said it's a million volts, nobody could take that, nobody could take like more than 300 volts, people going to die right away, seriously" Wacky magician Blaine is known for his unusual public stunts, which have included being buried alive, being frozen inside ice blocks and fasting for a mammoth 44 day period inside a transparent acrylic case above the river Thames in London.
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