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Dalmatian Dog Adopts Black-Spotted Lamb at farm in Australia: 'Zoe' Cares for Sheep in Need

Is it a sheep-matian -- or is it just a lucky lamb? A Dalmatian dog living on a farm in southern Australia has adopted a lamb born with black spots whose mother abandoned it. Much to the bemusement of other residents of the farm in the Barossa Valley, champion Dalmatian bitch Zoe, who doesn't have any offspring of her own to take care of at the moment, doesn't miss a moment's opportunity to lick her ovine charge clean, and pay her all the attention a normal mother would. Local vets say it's not unusual for dogs to take surrogate care of animals, including lambs, and in this case it's not a far stretch to suggest that Zoe might well have thought the black and white lamb was actually one of her own. Farm owners John and Julie Bolton say they hope some friends who've bought Dalmatian puppies from them in the past might take the nice-looking lamb on as a pet, and save it from the pot, a sentiment its adoptive mother Zoe undoubtedly agrees with.
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