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World Cup Conspiracy?

Did you take a close look at the cloned soccer robots who play so mechanically in Nike's latest world cup ad entitled "The Last Game"? What's the symbol on the uniform of these androids? Is it a soccer ball or a star of David?

According to Maariv/NRG, the head of the Department for Combating anti-Semitism in the WZF, Yaakov Hagoel, has received dozens of angry complaints about the video since its launch two days ago, and he has written a letter to Nike founder Phil Knight, asking him to look at the clip and check if it was, indeed, “laced” with anti-Semitic imagery.

"We would be glad to work with you in Nike, in order to understand the true meaning behind these symbols and solve the problem,” Hagoel wrote. “We, in the Department for Combating anti-Semitism take the complaints we received very seriously, and we will act resolutely in order to find out the complete facts.”
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