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Cradle Of Filth - Siding With The Titans

Lyrics: Where nature's russet beauty grew the roses of Utopia The stench of vented corpses floats abroad These killing fields will yield to new horizons so Cyclopean With the advent of our resurrected Lords Siding with the Titans Cast into the ancient dark of Tartarus Below the underworld These ancient bastards bore their agonies Or, locked in slumbrous nightmares Twixt the spheres or 'neath the seas The slept until the righting of the cosmos set them free They slept until the blighting of the night sky Let them loose on you and me Welcome this return Titanomachian and Vatican-hearsed The mass enslavement of a passive Universe In nary a day the earth was burning Leviathans and Krakens Colossal horrors rising forth From oceans spewing Tsunamis Like heralds of malevolence Dispensing holocaust The grandiose ballet Of death and ravaged flesh The span of Mankind shut down In one massive shattered fucking breath A slice of moon thrust a fatal glow On their cold relentless freedom From core to crust and conquered pole to pole Reconfiguring for a fecund second Eden I had glimpsed this Hell before This twisted fungoid Boschian garden of insanity An infested Nevermore Rife with delights to annihilate humanity Gods fell upon us insects with world-devouring maws When nature's emptry bounty died, I dreamt this tragic sight We precognitioners just tuned the signal to you all Amplified, th evision fried, pulsing magnetic stars were right Vast gates drew open What slathered forth began ...
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