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Coptic Christians Flee Sinai after Death Threats from Islamist Terrorists in Egypt

Most of the Coptic Christians living in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula near the country's border with Israel are now reportedly fleeing the area after receiving death threats from Islamist terrorists and following an attack on a Coptic-owned shop. Their exodus comes as anger over an anti-Islam film said to be made by US-based Coptic Christian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula continues throughout the Muslim world, leaving many Middle Eastern Christians worried for their own safety. It also comes as the Egyptian military struggles to crack down on lawlessness still prevalent throughout the Sinai. Egyptian militants earlier this month killed an Israeli soldier after crossing the border in an attack that extremists claim was in retaliation to the US-made video. Copts worry that anti-Christian sentiment is on the rise not just among extremists, but throughout all levels of Middle Eastern society. Egyptian Coptic activist Albert Saber is currently on trial under charges of blasphemy after being accused of sharing the video on his personal social networking websites and insulting Islam and other religions, charges he denies and says are motivated by antagonism toward Christians by the Islamist government. Christians have worried about how they would be treated under the leadership of Mohammed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood allies after number of attacks on churches following the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak last year.
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