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Cantor William Rubin-Hamavdil (Joseph Rumshinsky)

William Rubin was born in Riga, Latvia in 1894. He came to the US when he was quite young and studied voice with Frank La Forge in NYC Rubin sang annual concerts throughout the United States before becoming a regular fixture at the Roxy Theater and a featured soloist at the Radio City Music Hall and the Capitol Theater in New York. He also appeared in musicals in the Yiddish Theater, and was a regular on a number of radio programs in the Thirties. Rubin also made several shorts for Paramount Pictures. His concert repertoire included operatic arias, songs, and popular ballads. Because of his small stature, he billed himself as William "Wee" Robyn. As William Robyn Rubin made a number of recordings on Victor, Cameo and other labels mostly during the early 1920s. After his recording career ended, he performed for many years as a cantor in New York synagogues. He died at 4 December in 1996 at the age of 101.
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