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Brussels Reacts to German Circumcision Ban: Court in Cologne, Germany Bans Jewish, Muslim Rite

A German court in Cologne made a controversial decision on circumcision last month. It banned the procedure as inhumane. After this court ruling, the head of Germany's medical association said he was advising colleagues across Germany against performing circumcisions to avoid any risk of criminal prosecution. We took to the streets of Brussels to ask people if they thought it was right to ban circumcision like it has been done in Cologne last month. Take a listen. Jews and Muslims across the world have criticized the ruling as an intrusion and a reduction of their religious freedom and parental rights. Both religions require circumcision on male babies and the leaders of both faiths gathered in Brussels and Berlin two weeks ago to demand a reversal of the ban. For the time being, the prohibition is still in force and many see it as part of a growing religious intolerance in Europe. Frédéric Darmuzey, JN1, Brussels.
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