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Bronze Statue of Headbutt in 2006 Football World Cup: Zinedine Zidane's Attack on Marco Materazzi

Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed has raised eyebrows throughout the art world with his latest piece immortalizing the infamous headbutt attack by French football legend, Zinedine Zidane, on his Italian opponent, Marco Materazzi, in the 2006 World Cup final. The five-metre high bronze statue captures the moment when Zidane headbutted Materazzi reportedly in response to derogatory comments made by the Italian player about his rival's sister. But despite many attacking Zidane's behavior as unsportsmanlike and the widespread belief that losing their top player cost France the World Cup, the football star, who is of Algerian origin, is still held in deep affection by French football fans. It may have been an embarrassing end to a superb career, but for many Zidane's outburst, whilst ultimately counterproductive, was emblematic of the country's notoriously hot-blooded southerners and their fierce family protectiveness.
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