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Benjamin Netanyahu to Speak At UN General Assembly in New York: PM to Mend US-Israel Ties

I'm here at the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. On Wednesday evening, he will fly to New York after the fast of Yom Kippur ends to address the UN General Assembly on Thursday morning. Netanyahu says he will reiterate in his speech that Iran -- what he calls the most dangerous country in the world -- should not be allowed to develop the most dangerous weapon in the world, a reference to a nuclear bomb. Many political analysts here also expect Netanyahu will use his speech to repair strained ties with the Obama Administration after another round of disagreements over how to deal with Iran's suspected nuclear program. Here's what one political analyst had to say... The latest spate between the allies is over Israel's request that the US publicly declare its "red lines" on Iran's nuclear energy program -- lines that if Tehran crossed, would constitute US military intervention... Netanyahu believes it's the only way for Iranian leaders to be faced with a credible threat -- one that may halt their nuclear weapons program. But the Obama Administration has indicated it will not be straddled by laying out such specifics... President Obama confirmed this position on CBS's politically influential news program "60 minutes". He told reporter Steve Kroft that he would not be pressured into drawing a line in the sand on Iran. The only pressure President Obama said he felt was to make the right national security decisions for the American people...he ...
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