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Belgian Jews Still Shocked after Toulouse, Burgas Bombing: Jewish Community Wants More Security

The Belgian Jewish community was shocked after the Burgas bombing and there is a feeling this never ending story will not stop from getting worse. Since Toulouse and Mohamed Merah, 2012 has seen a rise in anti-Semitism not only all over Europe but also across the world. But in Belgium, this worsening situation has not really changed the condition of the Jewish community regarding security precautions. Belgian Jews would like strong anti-terrorist legislations not only to be introduced but also to be applied by the authorities. Although the contact with the authorities has been strengthened, the Belgian Jewish community believes the State can do more regarding protection measures. Nevertheless, Jews are doing everything they can to improve their own security like they have always done in the past. Apart from fear and security demands, the Burgas bombing has also reminded everyone of all the terrible events suffered by the Jewish community all over the world since the beginning of the year and throughout history. A minute of silence in memory of the Burgas victims took place in Brussels last week before the official start of the Olympic Games. This highly symbolic act was also to pay tribute to all the Jewish victims of terrorism such as the 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team who were killed in 1972 in Munich by Palestinian terrorists. The Belgian authorities have worked over the last few months on better security for the country's citizens. All the European authorities ...
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