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BBC Denies Jerusalem is Israel's Capital: Israeli MK Calls it Spite over Loss of British Control

Israeli officials here are furious with the BBC over what they say is more evidence of the news network's blatant anti-Israel bias. On its London Olympic Games website, the British Broadcasting Company is refusing to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Every other internationally recognized nation on the BBC's list has the heading "capital," followed by a name. But Jerusalem is described as a quote "seat of government." And that's after a change was made. On the BBC's first version of its Israel Olympic page, Jerusalem did not appear in the information section...Israel was listed as a country without a capital. On a country that still does not exist, the BBC chose to give Palestine a quote "capital," calling it East Jerusalem. Israeli officials were incensed, accusing the BBC of pushing their own political position, discrimination and misinformation... Prime Minister Netanyahu got involved -- his spokesman Mark Regev drafted a letter to the BBC Bureau Chief in Israel, demanding a change. The letter stated that Jerusalem is the quote "capital of the State of Israel, and accordingly we respectfully request the immediate rectification of this matter." Israel always considered Jerusalem its capital, even before it captured parts of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War. It later legally annexed the eastern section of the city. Most of the international community, including the US, considers Jerusalem a contested capital. Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the ...
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