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Award-winning comics store in Tel Aviv

An international nod to their Israeli comics stores made Danny Amitai and Yuval Sharon superheroes. "Owning a comic shop, and working in a comic shop, is my dream job because it's my hobby and I love it," says Danny Amitai, co-owner of Tel Aviv-based Comics N' Vegetables. "I love comic books and it's just great." "We started as a little website," adds co-owner Yuval Sharon, "then we decided that we have to open a store." When the Israeli duo won the 2011 Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award ( in San Diego, California, the presenter said: "I am very, very happy to tell you there's going to be dancing in the streets of Israel tonight." "Yes, it's pretty nice," acknowledges Sharon. Downloads: Videos: Hi Res with Narration - Hi Res No Narration - Streaming with Narration - Streaming No Narration - Docs Intro - Script - Please credit the MFA for any use of these videos & docs. Visit the MFA's Social Media channels: Facebook - Twitter - &
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