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Arias in the Old City of Jerusalem

Some of Jerusalem's most storied venues will come alive with music during the Israeli Opera Festival in June. The second-century Tower of David, a familiar part of the Old City of Jerusalem's skyline, will be among the historically rich venues for this year's Israeli Opera Festival. Events will span the first 11 days of June and are expected to attract thousands of visitors from abroad, in addition to Israeli opera fans from across the country. Highlights are to include an opera gala presented by the Italian orchestra Arena di Verona at the Sultan's Pool, and vocal and chamber music performed inside 10 of Jerusalem's churches. Verdi's Aida and Requiem will be performed in the shadow of Masada, the Judean desert mountaintop where a band of Jewish zealots defied conquering Roman armies more than 2000 years ago. An indoor, 7500-seat auditorium has been built here especially for the festival. DOWNLOADS: VIDEO: - 110228b Opera Migdal David Streaming: - 110228b Opera Migdal David Streaming NoNarration: - 110228b Opera Migdal David Streaming HiRes: - 110228b Opera Migdal David Streaming HiRes NoNarration: TEXT: - 110228b Opera Migdal David INTRO: - 110228b Opera Migdal David SCRIPT: Please credit the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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