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Arab Youths Attack Rabbi with Daughter in Berlin: Muslims Attack Daniel Alter for Being Jewish

A violent attack on a Rabbi in Berlin is raising concerns here in Israel that Germany's Jews, just a little more than 65 years after the Holocaust, are once again falling victim to Anti-Semitic attacks. But this time the suspected criminals were not Neo-Nazis, they were young Germans of Arab descent. 53 year old Rabbi Daniel Alter was walking with his young daughter when he says a group of 4 Arabs asked him if he was Jewish. After he said yes, they began to punch him repeatedly in the face and threatened to kill his daughter. The attackers fled the scene leaving Rabbi Alter brusied and bloody -- he was rushed to the hospital and immediately operate on. The suspected Arab culprits are still on the run. The vicious attack on Rabbi Alter sent shockwaves through the German Jewish community and revived debate about just how Jewish one should look in public. Not that that mattered in the assault on Rabbi Alter -- he had covered up his yarmulke by wearing a baseball cap. Nonetheless one prominent German reform rabbi suggested Jews continue to cover their religious skull caps to avoid provoking attacks. But the President of Germany's Jewish community, Dr. Deiter Graumann, said he would not permit Judaism to only be practiced behind closed doors. That's the Israeli government's position as well... The mayor of Berlin is also against Jews being, so to speak, in the closet, saying it must be safe for them to wear a yarmulke in public. That's exactly what he and other high-profile ...
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