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Arab Israeli Knesset Members Demand Muhammad Video Be Taken Down: MK Taleb El-Sana Speaks Out

As protests continue for a second week in many Muslim countries, Arab Israeli Knesset member Taleb El-Sana and other Arab Israeli leaders have filed a petition with Jerusalem's District Court, demanding that Google remove an anti-Islam video which ridicules the Prophet Mohammed from YouTube and all other websites in Israel. Mr El-Sana said that ""Freedom of speech cannot allow one maniac to set the world on fire. The court must intervene in light of the current situation." YouTube has already blocked access to the film in Egypt, Libya, and Indonesia after a wave of deadly protests but the internet giant rejected a request by the White House to pull it from the site altogether. Russia and Saudi Arabia have threatened to ban YouTube entirely unless the company takes down the controversial film while European couuntries with large Muslim populations such as Germany and Britain are struggling to strike a balance between the democratic right to freedom of speech versus concerns over public safety.
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