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Andy Warhol Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York: The Artist Who Created 'Pop Art'

Twenty five years on from his death, Andy Warhol, one of the greatest icons of 20th century art, is being celebrated in New York. The city's Metropolitan Museum of Art is taking a close look at the work and influence of the man credited with creating 'Pop Art.' Assistant curator Ian Altever: "We had all decided that what was very important was to have really good examples of Warhol's work to go around the show, but yes there were arguments about who should be in it, and what work these should be in it and they were very lively and always very constructive. Warhol's art will be displayed with the works of dozens of other artists, illustrating how they reinterpreted or reacted to Warhol's innovative paintings, sculpture and films. In one part of the exhibit the Coca-Cola vase of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei sits in the shadow of Warhol's own image of silk-screened Coca-Cola bottles. Assistant curator Ian Altever: Many people who do indeed feel very strongly about Warhol. Whether it is as a kind of figure of authority for contemporary art as someone who mixed things up, or almost as a bugaboo, someone who haunts contemporary culture in an almost overwhelming way. But I think every artist in the show got something from Warhol." Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years, will run from from September 18 until December 31st.
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