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American Wins Lawsuit Against Syria for Suicide Bombing Attack near an Israeli Bus Station

Six years ago an Islamic Jihad terrorist walked in this restaurant and blew himself up in a suicide bombing, murdering 11 people and wounding over 60. It happened in this very location, right by the central bus station of Tel Aviv. 16-year-old Daniel Wultz was one of the victims who were murdered. Daniel succumbed to his injuries at the hospital and died. But this tragic story has an uplifting twist. Daniel was an American citizen, and according to a 1996 law passed by US congress; American victims of terror are entitled to sue the states which sponsor such terror if these countries are on the State Department's watch list. Accordingly, using the "Shurat Hadin" Israel Law Center, Daniel's family sued the states of Syria and Iran in the American court system for aiding the murder of their son. With sovereign immunity denied, both states were found guilty in court. But 332 million dollars is a large sum of money, and evidently, none of the governments involved simply hand it over. And so further legal measures are necessary. It may take years to collect the money, and though it won't bring Daniel back, it does supply his family a bittersweet small sense of victory. This victory opens a door for many other lawsuits to be filed in the United States for crimes against humanity. And there is an unfortunate abundance of such terrorist-driven crimes, which took place here in Israel. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Tel Aviv.
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