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American Media Bias during Presidential Election Campaigns: Freedom of Press in United States

Each day millions of people in the United States are watching, listening and reading the news. But some feel it's difficult to get a straight-forward, non-opinionated view point from America's media, especially when there's so much partisan bias. In a country where 24-hour rolling news in the norm, there's always a way to find out what's happening - and find out what other people think. But with so many opinions readily available many news consumers complain networks push partisan messages over impartial, considered coverage. It's no secret to viewers that some main stream national news channels have biased views. Fox News for example with a conservative, Republican agenda. Whereas at the other end of the viewing spectrum is MSNBC, which brands itself as being politically progressive. Each channel has their own axe to grind - Fox favouring Republican Mitt Romney, MSNBC siding with Democrat Barack Obama. Republicans feel too many mainstream outlets have an embedded underlying liberal bias - with left-leaning journalists hyping the propaganda against Mitt Romney rather than checking the facts. Even in New York City and Washington DC, politically liberal areas of the country, there's not a lot of trust for the media. Far from the political nerve centre of Washington DC, on America's West Coast is California, where voters' Democratic-leaning is so well established candidates seldom campaign here. When they do show up it's for fundraisers, from which the media are excluded ...
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