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Al-Qaeda Group Bombed French Kosher Grocery Store: Police Raids after DNA Match on Grenade

Police have raided properties across France after DNA on a grenade that exploded at a kosher grocery shop in Paris last month, led them to a suspected jihadist cell of young Frenchmen recently converted to Islam. At a news conference, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said that the raids revealed links with AQAP, short for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. In the eastern city of Strasbourg, one of the men, Jeremy Sydney, whose DNA was identified on the grenade, was killed by police after he opened fire on them. Three others were injured in the incident and 10 other people; some of whom were armed, aged between 19 and 25, were arrested across the country. On Wednesday France presented plans for a new anti-terrorism law that will allow authorities to prosecute citizens who attend militant Islamist training camps abroad. The move comes seven months after Mohamed Merah, a French citizen who attended al-Qaeda-style training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, killed seven people, including 3 Jewish children and their teacher, in a wave of shootings in and around Toulouse.
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