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Akiva Ken Segan seals plex over Multiple-Amputtee Holocaust drawing/mosaic last hours of 2012 ©

Artist Akiva Kenny Segan shows the current state - towards completion - of the mosaic-in-progress, Multiple-Amputee Awaiting Deportation. The drawing was begun early August; the mosaic frame constructed Oct., 2012. The drawing seen in the center was inspired by a WWII photo of a limbless Jewish woman seated outdoors in the Polish city of Łódź, awaiting transport to the Nazi death camp at Chelmno. She had two 'strikes' against her according to Nazi racial supremacism and hygiene - euthanasia laws: She was Jewish, which targeted her for death, as were the Romany & Sinti peoples of Europe; and she was disabled. The Nazis murdered two-hundred and fifty thousand mentally and physically disabled Protestant & Catholic Germans and Austrians before they began the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem." (Among the SS murderers, 10% were practicing Catholics and Protestants.). The Holocaust did not have to happen. Had German & Austrian professors, lawyers, doctors, clergy, judges and others who knew of the systematic murder of the Protestant & Catholic disabled spoken out loudly and forcefully, it's entirely possible the Holocaust that followed would not have happened. Art, film © AK Segan
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