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'Absolutely Uncertain' Claims Anti-Semitism Rising in US Due to Obama as Romney Campaign Reels

The Republican Party is renowned for its ability to attract big-business sponsors, but it's not just cash that is being stumped up by Neo-Con lobby group RightChange. Its latest so-called "fact-based" video, called "Absolutely Uncertain", about President Obama's policies toward Israel, has gone viral with almost 1 million hits over the past week. It purports to show the real-life-story of a young, smart, professional and attractive American Jewish woman from New York. Irina paints a picture of a world of laced with conspiracies, anti-Semitism, and growing anti-American sentiment as a result of the Obama administration. Irina lives her life through a swirling kaleidoscope of anger and hate, all of which arose as a result of President Obama's alleged anti-Israel policies. But Mitt Romney's ailing campaign will be relishing the success of the video spreading a message the Republican Party has been sending since Obama became president in 2008.
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