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AMTV News: US and Israel Prepare for 'October' Attack on Iran

SUBSCRIBE NOW!! SUBSCRIBE TO AMTVmedia!!! REFERENCES: Welcome to AMTV News, I'm your host Topher Morrison. Today is Tuesday August 14th, 2012. Iran's October Non Surprise Topher Morrison Next... US to Take 'More Visible' Role in Syria CNS News Mississippi Fattest, Colorado Thinnest Los Angeles Times Ammo Dump: DHS to Purchase 750m Rounds End The Lie Venezuela Plans 'Guerrilla Army' Against US Invasion AFP New York to London in One Hour Daily Mail & Danger Room Capturing every corner of alternative media watch AMTV News Monday -- Friday. Find our in depth commentary and analysis of stories like these at, part of the AMTV Network. 8-14-12: On today's news update, Topher Morrison details how the United States and Israel are ready to attack Iran in October before the election. To Donate:
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