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2012/9/5, The Anti Alex Jones News Report #2: News Sources & Iran-Israel War Analysis.

Hello everyone. This is the Anti Alex Jones News Report for September 5, 2012. Thank you for joining me. There are two topics in this world that will always go hand in hand. History and current events. Coincidentally, all current event become history the moment after they occur. Thus, the study of current events is really the study of history up to the present day. What is happening, why is it happening? Today, there are 3 sources of current events that I check most often. ,,, and CNN & Fox news are good not for interpretation of current events, which they always interpret wrong and water down, but they are good for seeing into the minds of our controllers and trying to understand their propaganda plans against the common people. & are the two news sources for Alex Jones & Michael Ruppert. Jones & Ruppert are open philosophical opposites with very similar, yet slightly different, spins which they put on their news. Yet, CollapseNet does tend to emphasize the more important or significant minor details that Jones will either leave out all together else be hidden amongst the giant torrent of media videos & articles his team puts out. The most worthwhile information is contained in the differences between what they report or don't report. It is very likely that CollapseNet might also be controlled by Israel but it's hard to tell. It is very likely that CollapseNet does not recognize world war 2 ...
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