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2012/9/3 = The Anti Alex Jones News Report #1: The Fake Iran-Israel War

Hello friends. I am the Anti-Alex Jones. I call myself that as a catchy title. This is my news report for September 3 2012. I would like to state openly for the record that I am reading off a teleprompter something I composed 10 minutes ago. Cheers! You will notice that they are advertising the Iran-Israel war more and more lately. This worries me a bit, because I am wary that they do have the ability to stir up the common people in most contries to war, simply through propaganda. Pretty much everything you hear on this subject from mainstream news & Alex Jones is pure fantasy, designed to lay the foundation for a fake war between Iran & Israel. So even though the war will technically be fake, still it will be real in the sense that soldiers on both sides will be intigated by this propaganda to obey military orders. In that sense I do not want the war to happen. However, in the sense that I my life kinda sucks and our society is dominated by pretty girls, I kind of do want to see something, anything, happen in terms of a possible change in the status quo which might give use some kind of weird loophole we can take advantage of in order to make our society happy again. So what are some reasons that make war bad for the common person? first off, it gives governments a free-hand in committing atrocities against their own people in order to establish better control. Not only will suicide bombers & brainwashed soldiers be killing people in the middle east; but also false flag ...
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