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網友Summer Liang 與張姐翻譯成英文版的English Version 2012年11月,台灣台東收容所流浪貓狗強制撲殺慘案!(中英文對照) 這是2012年的11月,真實發生在台灣台東收容所的上百條生命的屠殺慘案! November, 2012, A holocaust of hundred of lives in Taitung City Animal Shelter in Taitung City, Taiwan. As usual volunteers visit Taitung City Animal Shelter, taking pictures of the stray dogs and cats. One day in November, 2012, they witnessed a horrible scene. Bodies of a dog and a cat were covered with flies. They apparently have died in their cages for quite a while, and no one in the shelter seemed to know, or care. Some volunteers regularly visit the Taitung City Animal Shelter, watching over the stray animals. During every visit, they found no water or food in the bowls. Every animal looks so skinny and ill, with no treatment and waiting for their doom hopelessly. Accommodation in the Shelter is abominable, excrement and urine everywhere, even hematuria. Volunteers found no food, water in the cages, nor any veterinarian in the Shelter. One of the volunteers posted the photos taken in the Shelter on the network. She was constantly under pressure from staff of the Shelter afterwards. Furthermore, in order to cover evidence, officials of the Shelter forged relevant documents and slaughter nearly one hundred of accommodated animals in two days. This horrible scenario was quickly exposed by two volunteers through internet. "We will make improvements." This was the answer from the government ...
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