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Mitt Romney Courts Large Evangelical Voter Base with Israel Visit, But Mormon Faith an Issue

The man who wants to become America's next President and take up office in the White House has been on a charm offensive to win support abroad, and win votes back home. This close to the election - just 3 months - and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney's visit to Israel really boils down to one thing - winning over America's Jewish community before November's presidential ballot. It was a trip abroad, but all about votes back home. Meeting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put Mitt Romney on an international stage. With the old city of Jerusalem as a backdrop, he pledged to support Israel against Iran. This speech was designed to show Mr Romney as presidential - able to lead America - and answer his critics who say he's weak on foreign policy. But commentators say it also helps influence voters back home. For Republican candidates though Jewish voters are hard to persuade. In 2008 78% of Jews chose Democratic Barack Obama. But since then some have become disillusioned with President Obama's stance on the Middle East peace process. Exactly why the White House chose now to announce an additional $70 million dollars in military aid for Israel - boosting Jewish support and upstaging Mitt Romney. Romney also needs the votes of Evangelical Christians - a small but significant group in important swing states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. But analysts feel his trip to Israel and Poland, while significant, won't be the deciding factor come November. By backing ...
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